Family TV using common sense

1, TV outdoor antenna should not be installing lightning rods?
some users install based on outdoor antenna 0.5-2 m-long iron lightning, results have lightning effect, instead of lightning to the incoming TV on the TV antenna, resulting in a machine crash. Lightning is actually a "lightning-pin". Lightning charge air into itself. Wiring into the Earth and other objects from the lightning strike. Lightning voltages into televisions, will put hundreds of thousands of volts to millions of volts of lightning on the TV high voltage, will make TV destroyed; if someone watching TV, watching people also were injured, struck dead by lightning. Therefore, must be removed, TV outdoor antenna installed on the lightning rod.
2, a thunderstorm can watch TV?
when using an indoor antenna, a thunderstorm to continue watching television. But when using an outdoor antenna, a thunderstorm lightning protection device should be installed and reliable ground, otherwise you should not watch. Also an outdoor antenna plug must be unplugged from the TV and the outdoor antenna grounding to prevent lightning strikes antennas damage and endanger the safety of the TV.
3, refrigerator, color TV so why not use the same socket? Power jack for
, easy to use, economical, and many families like to use it. Many families use on refrigerators, color TV sets inserted in a socket, do so many unexpected hazards. Because the starting current are large refrigerators and color TV sets, refrigerators starting current for 5 times rated current, starting current rated current of up to 7-10 times the color TV. Such as refrigerators, color TV sets start at the same time, socket contacts, fuses are unaffordable, will influence each other, unintended harm. Meanwhile, color TV sets, refrigerators start and operation will produce electromagnetic waves, but also because of interference of very close to refrigerators, televisions, TV image instability, noise, and so on. So, to avoid these disadvantages, avoid interfere with, refrigerators and color TV sets on the power plug is not plugged into the same socket. Use and maintenance of
4, TV?
(1), TV color, volume, contrast and brightness to adjust the medium do not frequent adjustment.
(2) watching TV can open a small lamp, reduce eyestrain, but don't turn on the fluorescent lamp, otherwise it will affect TV signal reception.
(3) matches the impedance of the antenna and the TV.
(4) turn off the TV with the remote control does not cut off the power, so you should also turn off the power switch on the TV.
(5) before a thunderstorm in the summer, it is best to turn off the TV, unplug the antenna and power plug to prevent television by lightning burned.
(6) TVs should pay attention to moisture, heat, dust-proof, antimagnetic.
(7) not covered by plastic sheets, cloth cover, don't pad foam at the bottom. So as not to affect the TV air permeability and heat dissipation.
(8) watching the show and just shut down, movement and vibration do not television sets, to prevent damage to the picture tube. Picture tube to avoid sun exposure.
5, TV power law?
first of all control the brightness, color TV's brightest and darkest of power difference between 3O Watts to 50 Watts, Interior opened a low-wattage fluorescent lamp, turn down the brightness of the TV, watching good and difficult to make eye fatigue. Secondly, control the volume, volume, and high power consumption. Each additional 1-Watt audio power increases from 3 Watts to 4 watts of power. Third, and dust cover. Add dust cover protects the TV sucked into dust, dust leakage, increase power consumption, also affects the image and sound quality. Last time after watching TV power off or unplug the power plug, because some of the TV shut down, picture tube filament Preheat, remote control TV is still in the machine after machine stand-by status and power.
6, how to maintain color TV?
1) do not use volatile oil, thinner, wipe the casing of the TV, you should water diluted neutral detergent, a soft cloth soaked in detergent and then wring the cloth to clean the housing, and then wipe dry with a dry cloth.
2) when you wipe the screen, to use the soft cloth or cotton wool dipped in alcohol, wipe from the center of the screen beyond.
3) color TV very sensitive to magnetic interference color TV sets cannot be placed above or near magnetic objects, not to tape recorders, speakers, and other magnetic objects move in front of the screen. Or tube parts are magnetized due to magnetic field, so that the color disorders.
7, how to clean the color TV?
TV of appearance including shell and screen two a part, dang found its Shang has dust Hou, available soft cloth or small towel in water in the soaked, then out with hand squeeze dry, again dip points detergent can for wipe (Note: wipe zhiqian to first pulled Xia power plug), once wipe not clean, can by above order repeat times, until wipe clean weizhi. And then wipe with a dry cloth, water on the shell completely dry, you can power up using. Clean some article about the TV case with anhydrous alcohol, in my opinion, much better effects than alcohol wipe, and alcohol can wipe off the paint.
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