Washing machine leaking repair method

Automatic washing machine is leaking. View washer bottom and discovered that some component parts are corroded. Preliminary determination may be connecting tube degumming or barrels, pipes cracked or is the seal (seal) damaged. Open the back cover, check the connecting port, found intact. The washer is placed on the desktop, and then into the water into the pail, then found the water from seeping through the wave slowly around the axle out of the barrel, indicating leaking axle, shaft seal caused by poor is likely to be. Remove the washer impeller, sealing ring spring ring picked out grooves and found coils corroded seriously, has lost its elasticity, while seal is worn out. For moment find not to with specifications of new spring circle and the sealed circle, so with following method substitution:
find a small block 6-8MM of car tube, cut into diameter slightly is greater than bearing concave slot diameter of round tablets, in round tablets of are central CD a round hole (aperture slightly is less than wave axle of diameter), and in bearing slot within injected few butter, will made of rubber tablets is "umbrella"-like; again will bearing block Bowl cover Shang, Xia pressure Hou will rubber tablets clip tight. Because rubber itself has good flexibility, will hold the axle, there's no need to add spring ring. After that, washing machine will never leak again.
leaking is washing machine most common of fault one of, its reasons General has:
1, and drainage valve elastic too strong or drainage pulled rope had short, drainage rubber circle put down to, led to and drainage mouth around contact not closely, has clearance, then should appropriate regulation drainage valve of elastic, and drainage pulled with of length, again installation good drain;
2, and drain external designated injury, and rupture and leaking, is needed replaced new drain;
3, and drainage rubber circle aging cracking or lost elastic, Resulting in poor sealing causing leaks. Where you need to replace the drain and the rubber ring;
4, if washing machine barrel welding quality caused by poor or laundry tub material leaking, you need packing to plug these loopholes, weld leak or replace the inner barrel;
5, leakage of the dehydration process. Possible causes are: dehydrated shaft impeller the rubber sealing ring damaged or seal is not strict; wave wheel rubber itself for cracks or aging; wave-wheel adhesion of rubber sleeve and dehydration outer drum drain do not close or use degumming and cause leaks. The problems mentioned above should be repaired or replaced with new spare parts accordingly.
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