Maintenance procedures
The company maintenance personnel are on certificates issued by the National Ministry of labour, has years of accumulated maintenance work experience. Not only has rich experience in the field of design and installation, but also have a good professional quality and high sense of responsibility. Companies have always adhered "to city services, so that for the letter" purpose, "forge ahead, continuously pioneering" spirit, as long as you make a phone call, the company will be the first time for your service!
home repair service process is as follows:
first step to call the hotline
our services all over Jinan, have points in all areas, just collect the appropriate door fee, this is a great convenience for customers. So, when your appliance has failed, please don't bother.
or regional telephone service, instantly solve problems!
second step registration appointment
describe what electrical fault, in order to send the right person to solve your troubles. You describe the appliance type, brand, model, symptom, as well as your contact information and address, if left the route, we will be able to provide faster and more convenient door-to-door service. You need according to your timing and scheduling arrangements we discuss an appropriate onsite service time.
step time door-to-door
will comply with the door-to-door service time, arrived at the designated location on time.
fourth step check fault
in the case of power, we will first test the electrical failures, so symptomatic of troubleshooting. Maintenance technicians, testing and troubleshooting, check out the electrical fault.
the fifth step determine the cost of
in the official before you troubleshoot, first reported the cause, and report the costs required to repair this fault, so that you can be aware of. Meanwhile, you can also give it up because the price exceeds the budget maintenance. If the repair, we are not in charge (except in the case of the previously scheduled appointment)
the sixth step troubleshooting
If you agree to repair, we started troubleshooting until the trouble goes away. After troubleshooting, you can power on the acceptance, until you feel satisfied.
the seventh step to fill in documents
to solve your worries, we will leave the service provided by vouchers, noted above, the results of failure, repair, maintenance, warranty, as well as our company's services and complaints. Service at this point is not over, and we will also clean up the crime scene, as maintenance of waste, reduction for maintenance before moving items. To this, thank you for your support of our service! If you have any other needs, we will continue to provide satisfactory service.
the eighth step warranty
from the repair is completed, begin to enter the warranty. In the meantime, when you repair the appliance appears again the original fault, please call our company, we will be depending on your maintenance records to provide warranty repair electrical services, and we will be the fastest reaction speed to solve your troubles!
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